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Oklahoma State University

Two BETSRG Students Awarded National ASHRAE Awards

Greg Fisher & Omer Sarfraz


Greg Fisher and Omer Sarfraz were recently selected to receive ASHRAE grants that are competitively awarded among all US universities. Congratulations on standing out amongst the US HVAC students!

Greg Fisher was awarded the $5,000 Duane Hanson scholarship for 2018. He currently works with Dr. Bach on ASHRAE project RP1743.

Omer Sarfraz, who was closely engaged with ASHRAE through RP1742 and through several student leadership positions was awarded a $10,000 ASHRAE Graduate Grant-In-Aid. Omer currently works with Dr. Bach and Dr. Bradshaw on a OCAST project that develops a new heat exchanger model. Additionally, Omer is currently a co-PI with Dr. Bach on a recently awarded ASHRAE UG Program Equipment Grant - "A variable speed dedicated outdoor air system for low energy homes".