Ramamoorthy, Mahadevan

Thesis Title: 
Applications of Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems to Buildings and Bridge Decks
M.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2001
Ramamoorthy, M. H. Jin, A. Chiasson, and J.D. Spitler.  2001. Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems that use a Cooling Pond as a Supplemental Heat Rejecter – A System Simulation Approach.  ASHRAE Transactions. 107(1):26-38.
Spitler, J.D., and M. Ramamoorthy. 2000. Bridge Deck Deicing using Geothermal Heat Pumps. Proceedings of the Fourth International Heat Pumps in Cold Climates Conference, August 17-18. Aylmer, Québec.