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Oklahoma State University

Previous Research

Development of Safe Building Technologies

Building HVAC systems are a leading candidate for the deployment of emerging chemical and biological sensors. The current generation of HVAC equipment, however, has not been designed for containment or mitigation of the contaminants resulting from a chemical or biological attack. Plans are underway to integrate the ongoing development of HVAC simulation technologies at OSU with enhanced building automation and security hardware.

Simulation of Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

Sponsor:  U.S. Department of Energy

Investigators:  J.D. Spitler, S.J. Rees

Students:  C. Yavuzturk, A. Chiasson, M. Ramamurthy, H. Jin

The Geothermal Smart Bridge

Sponsor:  Oklahoma Department of Transportation
                  U.S. Department of Transportation

Investigators:  J.D. Spitler, S.J. Rees, D.E. Fisher

Students:  Jankovic, D. Hamill, H. Jin, X. Liu, M. Ramamurthy

ASHRAE 1117-RP Experimental Validation of the Heat Balance and Radiant Time Series Cooling Load Calculation Procedures

Sponsor:  ASHRAE

Investigators:  D.E. Fisher

Students:  D. Eldridge, C. Iu, C. Chantrasrisalai

Description:  Two full scale test cells will experimentally determine room heat extraction rates under various environmental and operating conditions.  The measured sensible cooling load will be compared to the load predicted by heat balance and RTS calculation procedures.


In Situ Measurement of Ground Thermal Properties

Sponsor:  National Rural Electric Cooperative Association
                  U.S. Department of Energy

Investigators:  J.D. Spitler, S.J. Rees

Students:  W. Austin, C. Yavuzturk, N. Jain