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Oklahoma State University

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering Degree Program

Students earning the Ph.D. are required to take an additional 30 hours of courses beyond the M.S., and complete a Ph.D. dissertation.  The 30 hours of coursework includes six hours of Mathematics, and 24 hours in Mechanical Engineering or related fields.  The classes to be selected depend on the background of the student, the student’s interests, and the student’s research project.  If the student comes to OSU from another institution, it is likely that some of the classes on the above typical M.S. program will be taken.  Additional classes typically taken include the following:

MAE 5233 Viscous Fluid Dynamics (3 credits)
MAE 5263 Combustion (3 credits)
MAE 5483 Digital Data Acquisition and Control (3 credits)
MAE 5703 Optimization (3 credits)
MAE 5803 Advanced Thermodynamics (3 credits)
MAE 5823 Radiation Heat Transfer (3 credits)
MAE 5843 Conduction Heat Transfer (3 credits)
MAE 5853 Computational Heat Transfer (3 credits)
MAE 6233 Turbulent Fluid Dynamics (3 credits)
MAE 6263 Computational Fluid Dynamics (3credits)
MAE 6843 Convection Heat Transfer (3 credits)
MATH 4143 Advanced Calculus I (3 credits)
MATH 4153 Advanced Calculus II (3 credits)
MATH 4233. Eng. Mathematics: Differential Eqns (3 credits)
MATH 4283 Complex Variables (3 credits)
MATH 4553 Linear and Non-linear Programming (3 credits)

Typically, the Ph.D.M.E. degree program can be completed in 2.5-4 years.  This depends largely on the student.  Some sample theses may be found here.