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Oklahoma State University

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Degree Program

Students working in the BETSRG typically pursue the thesis option.  Eight three-hour courses and a thesis are required.  These courses are mutually agreed upon by the student and his or her advisor.  A typical program is shown below.  The actual selection of courses will depend on the student’s interests and the student’s research project.  Additional classes that typically might be taken are listed in the Ph.D. Degree program section.

MAE 4703 Indoor Environmental Systems (3 credits)
MAE 4713 Thermal Systems (3 credits)
MAE 5093 Numerical Engineering Analysis (3 credits)
MAE 5633 Advanced Thermal Systems (3 credits)
MAE 5683 Refrigeration (3 credits)
MAE 5863: Building Heat Transfer and Simulation (3 credits)
MAE 5873 Advanced Indoor Environmental Systems (3 credits)
MATH 4013 Calculus of Several Variables (3 credits)
MAE 5000 M.S. Thesis (6 credits)

Total Hours: 30

Typically, the M.S.M.E. degree program can be completed in 18-24 months.  This depends largely on the student.  Some sample theses may be found here.