Jin, Hui

Thesis Title: 
Parameter Estimation Based Models of Water Source Heat Pumps
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, 2002
Jin, H. and J.D. Spitler. 2002. Parameter Estimation Based Model of Water-to-Water Heat Pumps with Scroll Compressors and Water/Glycol Solutions. The 6th International Conference on System Simulation in Buildings, December 16-18. Liége, Belgium. 
Jin, H., and J.D. Spitler. 2002. A Parameter Estimation Based Model of Water-To-Water Heat Pumps for use in Energy Calculation Programs. ASHRAE Transactions 108(1):3-17.
Ramamoorthy, M. H. Jin, A. Chiasson, and J.D. Spitler. 2001. Optimal Sizing of Hybrid Ground-Source Heat Pump Systems that use a Cooling Pond as a Supplemental Heat Rejecter – A System Simulation Approach.  ASHRAE Transactions 107(1):26-38.