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Oklahoma State University

IEA Heat Pumping Technologies Annex 52

IEA HPT Annex 52 Participants in Malmö, Sweden

The International Energy Agency (IEA) oversees a number of technology collaboration programs (TCP), including Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT).  Besides overseeing the Heat Pump Centre, publishing the Heat Pumping Technologies magazine, and organizing the triennial IEA Heat Pump Conference, IEA HPT also initiates international collaborative research projects, called annexes. 

Annex 52, Long term performance measurement of GSHP Systems serving commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings, has recently begun work, with the first meeting held in Malmö, Sweden in May. Dr. Spitler is representing the US in the Annex, building on previous research into performance of the GSHP system at the ASHRAE Headquarters building.  Other US participants are welcome.  Interested parties should contact Dr. Spitler ( 

The US will host the next Annex meeting in Stillwater, Oklahoma on November 15 and 16.  Contact Dr. Spitler for details.

The operating agent for Annex 52, Dr. Signhild Gehlin, inspects an aquifer thermal
energy storage serving the Ikea Headquarters in Malmö.