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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Research Assistantship Available at the PhD-level within the Thermal Energy Systems Field - 02-2017

Major Advisor: Craig R. Bradshaw (

Desired Starting Semester: Fall 2017

Position Description:

Buildings, residential and commercial, consume roughly 40% of all primary energy annually in the U.S. with cooling and refrigeration systems consuming 22% of the building energy.  Compressors account for roughly 60% of the energy consumed in cooling and refrigeration systems. This results in compressors in buildings consuming roughly 5% of the total primary energy annually in the U.S in cooling and refrigeration systems.

These systems are currently undergoing a paradigm shift due to changing refrigerant and unit efficiency requirements which will require new compressor technology and improvements to existing compressor technology. Our groups plan is to address this through a combination of detailed, comprehensive, compressor modeling and test validation in collaboration with several partners from the HVAC&R industry.

The position will focus on the development of comprehensive, dynamic, compressor modeling tools which will require skills and expertise in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and machine design. These modeling tools will be used to inform design decisions for improved compressor designs. Additional roles of this position include supporting the development and commissioning, of an 80-ton compressor load stand. This test stand will be leveraged for experimental validation of the developed models. Finally, the position will require additional supervision of the more junior members of the research group including undergraduate and Masters-level students.

An ideal candidate has Master’s-level modeling experience in thermal systems, some exposure to experimental techniques for thermal systems and an interest in machinery. Object-oriented coding experience (C/C++, Python, or MATLAB) and/or dynamic modeling platforms (Modelica, Simulink) are a plus. Strong undergraduate candidates with a desire to pursue a PhD directly will be considered.

Application instructions are on the OSU-MAE website,  If there are questions regarding the application contact

If there are specific questions regarding the position description, please contact Dr. Craig R. Bradshaw (