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Oklahoma State University

Versions Available

GLHEPRO is now available in three different versions:

  • GLHEPRO 5.0-30 can size user-specified configurations of up to 30 vertical or inclined boreholes.  Custom g-functions are generated using a finite line source model. It can also size horizontal ground heat exchangers – both straight and slinky type heat exchangers.  It can perform hourly simulations of GSHP systems with user-specified configurations of up to 30 boreholes or of GSHP systems with standing column wells.
  • GLHEPRO 5.0-120 does everything that GLHEPRO 5.0-30 can do, plus it contains a library of 407 pre-defined borehole configurations.
  • GLHEPRO 5.0-400+ does everything that GLHEPRO 5.0-120 can do, plus it can size large rectangular borefields with vertical boreholes, up to 990 boreholes.

The figure below summarizes the features that differentiate the versions.