Dr. Bach Awarded ASHRAE Project 1742-TRP - 03-2016

Dr. Bach making a presentation.

Office equipment heat gain data in the current ASHRAE handbook was last updated in 2009. Since then, office equipment has evolved dramatically, from simple operating modes to a more complex functions.

Today’s computer power consumption depends on actual computing load rather than merely on the stated full clock speed. Additionally, solid state technology and power saving modes have decreased computer power consumption during typical use. Preliminary data showed that power consumption for an up to date tablet PC varies between only 3 and 20 watts, while a desktop PC’s that uses the same technology consumes between 2.5 and 109 watts. The strong dependency of power consumption on equipment usage therefore requires to change from a default value (current ASHRAE tables) towards equipment and usage type dependent weekly load profiles.

This project will conduct an in-depth field study, analyze the resulting data, and update the ASHRAE fundamentals chapter 18 tables 8-12 from outdated equipment using diversity factors to weekly load profiles of up to date equipment. This update will allow design engineers to obtain load estimates that are more accurate, allowing to properly select equipment. On the research and building controls optimization side, the load profiles will allow to optimize new control algorithms for realistic load cases without needing to take costly detailed measurements.