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Oklahoma State University

BETSRG Awarded Four ASHRAE Senior Undergraduate Grants and an ASHRAE Research Project

The goal of the undergraduate student grants – in conjunction with third party donations – is to increase undergraduate involvement of up to date topics in the built environment.

One of the grants will investigate the application of thermoelectric cooling, and another one will result in a small organic Rankine cycle. Two of the grants will result in projects that address the challenges of efficiently providing fresh air and sufficient dehumidification in low energy homes.

The plan – as with the previous round of senior design grants – is to bring the setups to a level where they can be employed in the undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

PIs and Co-PIs include Dr, Bach, Dr. Bradshaw, Dr. Santhanakrishnan, and Omer Sarfraz.

BETSRG also was awarded ASHRAE RP-1733, which will develop design criteria for psychrometric air samplers and mixers used for the testing of heat exchanger and equipment to determine average air conditions. The project will involve both, an experimental as well as a CFD simulation component and aims to reduce pressure drop and mixing length while increasing mixing efficiency compared to the current ASHRAE Standard 37 design. This project is lead by Dr. Bach, and Dr. San.