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Oklahoma State University

ASHRAE 1119-RP R & D Studies Applied to Standing Column Well Design

Sponsor:  ASHRAE

Investigators:  J.D. Spitler, S.J. Rees

Students:  A. Chiasson, Z. Deng

Description:  Standing column wells are used for direct (i.e. open-loop) heat exchange with the earth. The objectives of this project include studying the characteristics of standing column wells for the purposes of establishing firm guidelines for their siting and design; developing analysis tools to strengthen these guidelines and to provide the basis for computer codes which can supply ready prediction of required well depth; and outline field tests which can provide monitoring data to verify the codes.  The information may become a part of the ASHRAE handbook and an instruction manual for the design and installation of standing column wells that will serve the geothermal and HVAC communities.  


Zheng Deng Ph.D. Thesis

Rees, S.J., J.D. Spitler, Z. Deng, C.D. Orio and C.N. Johnson. 2004. A Study Of Geothermal Heat Pump And Standing Column Well Performance. ASHRAE Transactions, 110(1): 3-13.